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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my hot water heater needs replacing?

Storage hot water heaters do not last forever, and so it is important to check them for rust marks and water marks. If your heater is over 10 years old then there is a possibility that rust has created weakness in the tank, especially if the heater is outdoors or hasn’t been packed up off the ground to allow air flow underneath the heater. If you are not sure it is always best to contact a plumber.


Why is there a strange odour coming from the garden?

When you notice an odour coming from the garden have a look to see whether there is an overflow gully in the location and check if there is water flooding out the top. Overflow gullies are easy to spot because they should have a garden tap over the top of them or they are located against the wall of the house. The overflow gully is installed to protect your house from sewerage flooding inside your property. If the overflow relief is overflowing you have a blockage and it is important to call a plumber.


If I smell gas should i call someone to check it out?

If you notice a gas smell coming from outside near the house of inside the house it is very important to call a plumber immediately. Natural gas is very dangerous and it should not be ignored.


Our kitchen drain is slow to drain; what are my options?

Your kitchen drain can see a lot of food, grease and oils. They are all things that should not really be put down the drain but it is sometimes hard to avoid. If your drain is slowly draining there could be a build up of fats and grease. There are household products that can be bought from a local trade store but if that does not work or you do not have the time it sounds like something a plumber can fix.


My water bill is higher than usual. Do I have a burst pipe?

A simple trick to check that you haven’t got a burst pipe is to make sure everything is turned off and then find your water meter and check to see whether the the dial is ticking over. If the meter is running then there is a leak coming from a burst pipe. Plumbers have tools to locate leaks and pipework underground so it is important that you call a plumber to solve the problem before more damage is made.


I have changed my tap washers but the leak still occurs.

A common household plumbing problem is a leaking tap. There are do-it-yourself workshops at local hardware stores which can also supply you with the parts to fix a common leak; however, changing the washer doesn’t always solve the problem. You may need to purchase a reseating tool to file the washer seat flat. This problem can be caused by ignoring a dripping tap for a long time. The dripping water will slowly make a groove in the washer seat and could be costly if left for too long.